About LillyBea

About Us

Here at LillyBea, we are always happy to see our furry, four-legged customers – and their owners too, of course!

We have been working as professional dog groomers for many years. Since opening our dog grooming salon near West Wickham, we have welcomed hundreds of dogs from across Croydon. We treat every dog who comes through our door like one of our own – and for a good reason.

We love dogs.

You’d think that would be an obvious thing for a professional dog groomer to say, but we really love dogs! We’ve been dog-owners for as long as we can remember. We enjoy the time we spend with your pets, bathing them, grooming them, and just generally pampering them.
We make sure all our customers – whatever size, shape, or breed they are – enjoys themselves as much as we do.
Here’s what your dog can expect when they come to Lillybea’s

A fun and relaxing environment

We know that grooming can be stressful for some dogs. Some are naturally nervous around water and dryers, others have had a bad experience in the past. At LillyBea, we are experienced dog groomers and puppy groomers taking the time to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout. If they’re playful, we have fun. If they’re nervous, we keep them calm.

Trained and experienced dog groomers

fully-trained and highly-experienced. We have spent years grooming all kinds of dogs, with all kinds of fur to deal with. You’re guaranteed a great job that both you and your dog will be happy with. We listen to what you want, and produce a beautiful finish that meets all your expectations.

Puppy grooming services

Puppy grooming can be particularly frantic, through no fault of their own. Puppies are excitable at the best of times and grooming involves lots of new smells and sensations for them. At LillyBea, we provide a special puppy grooming service. This super-gentle service makes grooming a positive experience for your little pups, making it something to look forward to.


Get in touch

To give your dog or puppy the grooming experience they deserve give us a call today. Simply call 07740 531 982 to book an appointment for your pet and let us worry about the rest.

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