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For professional dog grooming and puppy grooming services in Croydon and West Wickham

Professional Dog Groomers in Croydon & West Wickham

Welcome to Lillybea, the dog groomer that offers a warm welcome to four-legged friends throughout Croydon & West Wickham.

We cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds and do our very best to keep your pet relaxed throughout their time with us. Searching online for ‘dog grooming near me?’ From the moment your canine companion enters our salon, they will receive the best grooming service Bromley, Croydon & West Wickham has to offer and leave with a spring in their step and wag in their tail.

Our services

We offer the below services in Croydon and beyond:


Hair trimming services in Croydon

While some breeds can get away with just a wash and a blow-dry, others need a spot of dogscaping. At LillyBea, we have experience working with all kinds of dog breeds and their hair type. From long and lustrous Afghan hound hair, to the tight and wiry hair on a Hungarian puli, we can do it all.

Dog nail clipping in Croydon

Cutting your dog’s nails requires care and attention. They have veins running almost to the tip of each nail which can be extremely painful if clipped too close. At LillyBea, we have years of experience trimming dogs’ nails. We are always calm and reassuring during the process, which normally takes no time at all.

Puppy grooming in Croydon

Puppies can sometimes be a bit nervous when they go to a dog groomers. It’s probably a scary place for a little pup, especially if its their first time. At LillyBea, we take extra care with our tiny visitors, whatever the breed. We make grooming fun for them, taking things nice and easy to keep them happy.

Why choose LillyBea?

People turn to Lillybea’s dog groomers for several reasons:

We welcome all dogs
We provide a head to tail grooming experience for your beloved pooch
Our staff are highly trained and experienced
We always treat your pet with respect
Ours is a local business with close ties to Bromley and Croydon
We provide a safe and relaxing environment for your pet
We are open between 10 am and 6 pm Monday to Saturday
We hold full public liability insurance

Get in touch

Are you looking for a personal and professional dog grooming service in Croydon or West Wickham? Contact LillyBea today on 07740 531 982 to book an appointment, or to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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